Welcome to LWmakes! I'm Lauren Wells and I create cheerful jewellery & hand-stitched goodness.

When I'm not making products for my shop, I'm blogging about DIY projects, places to explore, behind the scenes snippets of LWmakes and the inspiration for my crafting endeavours. 


Founded in Vancouver BC, Little Wren, now affectionately referred to as LWmakes, has been through many incarnations since it started in 2011. What started off as a creative outlet and a way to make a bit of extra money, has become a viable small business and huge part of my life. Originally inspired by my love of flowers and vintage treasures, resin flower earrings and teacup candles evolved to include a wide variety of products. 

Little Wren has been sold at some of Vancouver's most popular independent boutiques and craft shows. In 2014 I moved to London UK and took Little Wren with me, selling at London's famous Spitalfields and Brick Lane markets, along with the Renegade craft show. Now back in Vancouver, LW is evolving once more. A slightly new look, more blog posts and new products are coming soon. 



about LAUREN 

Hello! Ok, first things first, if we're going to be friends you should know that my name is actually pronounced LaRenne or L'Wren - like Sophia Loren. Confusing I know, but I'm sure the name Little Wren makes more sense to you now. 

I come from a long line of crafters, skilled makers and small business owners; what can I say? It's in my blood. Growing up, our home was full of craft supplies and there was always some sort of project on the go. 

Fast-forward a few years, I'm now living back in Vancouver after two amazing years in London. You'll most likely find me sitting in a coffee shop on my laptop somewhere, or making something at the antique farmhouse table I use as a desk. Otherwise, I'm probably adventuring outdoors, trying a new restaurant or fancy cocktail, perusing thrift stores, or off exploring some place new.

I love flowers, vintage books, and sparkly things. I am also fond of parentheses, and admittedly have a more laissez-faire attitude towards punctuation. I tend to write as I think, so there tend to be a few 'side-notes' involved. You have been warned. 

Wow! Thanks for making it this far! I'm impressed.

If you'd like, you can have a little creep (I don't judge) and find me on instagram @laurenjrw